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Cipher Net Shield have dedicated team


Cipher Netshield is a team of credentialed experts for matters involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We’re available to offer expert witness testimony in cases pertaining to blockchain technology including cybercrime, cryptocurrency wallet & exchange hacks, SIM-Swapping, fraudulent ICOs, investment fraud, romance scams, cryptocurrency , hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets, as well as other cases involving civil litigation.

The technical aspects of cryptocurrency ownership and blockchain forensics often need to be explained to judges and other legal professionals in an easy-to-understand way. This is because they often have little to no knowledge of blockchain technology, how cryptocurrency can be tracked, or how ownership of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be attributed to an individual even though it’s strictly digital in nature.

Cipher Netshield  is an elite team of analysts and experts that is geographically distributed around the world. We have been called upon as experts in many different jurisdictions around the world, including most notably the  Canada, United Kingdom, Europe , Asia  and other countries around the world.

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